Normal recovery after breast augmentation surgery

What Is Normal Recovery Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Understanding the Normal Healing Process After Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation surgery can enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts. Whatever might be the reason why you’re considering this surgery, it’s essential to understand what the recovery process entails. In this blog, we will walk you through the various stages of normal recovery after
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Post-Surgical Bra after Breast Surgery

Top 5 Benefits of Recovery Garments after Breast Surgery

All You Wanted to Know about Post-op Bras Breast surgery, regardless of the purpose of the procedure, is a complex surgery that requires careful preparation and attentive aftercare. The recovery process plays a crucial role in achieving the desired results, with postoperative care often influencing the final aesthetic outcome, comfort level, and overall satisfaction with
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Breast Enlargement Procedures Mr Mark Gittos

Breast Enlargement Procedures for Bigger Breasts

The Ins and Outs of Breast Enlargement: Everything You Need to Know Breast enlargement procedures are popular nowadays. They involve increasing the size and enhancing the shape of the breasts. Many women opt for breast enlargement to boost their self-confidence, feel more feminine, or to restore their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. If you’re
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Breast Implant Profile and Projection

What Is Breast Implant Profile and Projection?

Breast Implant Profile and Projection for Breast Augmentation Selecting the right implant profile and projection is essential to achieve the desired breast shape and contour. Most people only think of the size of the implant when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. However, profile and projection play a crucial role too. In this article, we
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What Is The Best Breast Implant Placement?

Breast Augmentation: Above vs Below Muscle Implant Placement Breast implant position is important in achieving the desired results after a breast augmentation. The choice of breast implant positions are submammary (subglandular – in front of the muscle, under the glandular tissue) or submuscular (under or behind some the muscle in a dual plane), Submammary or
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Mini boob job London Plastic Surgery

Mini Boob Job – perfect curves for smaller, athletic and lean ladies

The Mini Boob Job – Small-sized breast implants for a more proportionate look For years now a misconception has clouded the minds of many women around the world – the misconception that breast implants are only meant to give you a heavier, more voluptuous look. While many implants do help achieve this particular figure –
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Mr Mark Gittos Blog - Are bigger breast always better blog - Woman with Tape Measure on Breast

Are Bigger Breasts Always Better? – Choosing Large Breast Implants

Are Very Large Breast Implants Right for you? Are bigger breasts always better? Find out whether big breast implants suit your body type and cosmetic goals Bigger breast implants can help your breasts appear fuller, rounder, and well-defined. Aside from increasing your sex appeal, bigger breasts can also give you a boost in self-confidence. If
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MOTIVA Breast Implants Ergonomix Breast Implants

MOTIVA ®  Breast Implants – a better breast implant

Motiva ® Breast Implants – highly recommended by Mr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon Find out the different pros and cons of choosing Motiva breast implants over other implant brands. Why should you choose Motiva Breast Implants over other Implant Brands? Your desired cosmetic results, body type, skin elasticity, and preferences are just some of the things to
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