Plastic Surgery Prices and Costs around United Kingdom

Fees and Prices for plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery vary considerably across London and the United Kingdom.

How much does cosmetic & plastic surgery cost in United Kingdom?

Average prices for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery vary depending on a range of factors

  • Price of Plastic Surgery is dependent on the hours of surgery required, hospital fees, the fees of your chosen surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist plus cost of the breast implant (if req)
  • Costs can vary for plastic surgery as every patient has slightly different anatomy considerations and varying surgery needs
  • Different Surgeons and Doctors charge different fees based on their confidence, reputation, level of experience and skill.
  • A personalised and customised QUOTE and price range for plastic is available after a confidential consultation
  • Please call our patient coordinator to get a more accurate price range for your desired surgery

2023 Price Ranges for Plastic Surgery around United Kingdom  

Here is a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for quality plastic surgery around the United Kingdom. These price estimates are based on website searches, phone research and patient enquiry data.

Prices are for surgical procedures performed by an experienced United Kingdom Plastic Surgeon in an accredited day surgery centre or hospital. Prices for some minor surgeries performed as ‘In rooms’ procedures are usually cheaper than in hospital. 

Anatomical Breast implants are more expensive than Round Breast Implants.






Why do Cosmetic Surgery Prices Differ ?

Major price differences for plastic cosmetic surgery procedures often reflect the type of Doctor or Surgeon who is performing the operation – including their skills, expertise level and qualifications.

While significant price differences may be confusing to cosmetic surgery patients at first, these differences typically indicate the surgery is either:

  • NOT inclusive of everything needed – post-op care and longer-term aftercare
  • NOT being performed by an expert specialist plastic surgeon
  • Being performed using local anaesthetic methods in a backroom clinic, not a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital or
  • NOT using Motiva or Mentor quality breast implants – Using cheaper quality breast implants that may not last

It is important to be sure you’ve chosen a genuinely qualified plastic surgeon. Look for someone who is officially recognised as being a Specialist Plastic Surgeon rather than just a so-called ‘cosmetic doctor’. Why? There is often a huge difference in training and ongoing education for Plastic Surgeons vs other types of doctors who enter the cosmetic surgery field.

Plastic Surgeons are typically the most qualified and/or extensively tested in surgical skills for cosmetic, plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures. If not, you may end up surprised at how little experience your Surgeon actually has in your procedure.

If they’re not a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, they will not tend to have hospital operating and admitting rights. They’ll only be able to operate in their own day surgery centres or backroom clinic (not recommended).

 What’s included in your Surgery Cost Quote?

Your surgery quote typically includes

  • Surgeon Fee
  • Anaesthetist Fee
  • Assistant Fee (if Required)
  • Hospital Theatre Fees
  • Hospital Stay (Day Stay or overnight stay)
  • Breast implants (if required)
  • Additional Medication (if required)
  • Garments and post Op Bandages (as required)

What to do with your Surgery Quote

  • It’s best to review your surgery quote in detail – and to ask – what is actually covered in your cosmetic surgery quote
  • Beware of low-cost pricing advertisements for cosmetic surgery – you may end up with extra out-of-pocket costs you weren’t expecting.
  • Hidden expenses of non-inclusive quotes or price estimates mean you’ll pay extra for:
    • recovery aids (if any available) and/or longer recovery times without Rapid Recovery support
    • compression garments or special bras that are required for post-op care
    • follow-up care visits
    • hospital charges or operating facility fees (these should be included but advertised prices often leave this part of the cost out of the surgery price advertisement)
    • Anaesthetist

Discount shopping is NOT recommended for serious surgical procedures. ALL surgery is invasive, hence serious, as invasive surgery always carries risks. You will typically live with your surgery results for a lifetime. So it’s simply not worth skimping on the quality of your Surgeon or your surgery experience.

About Mr Mark Gittos FRACS (Plast) – London Plastic Surgeons 

Practice locations in London & Essex, UK and Auckland, New Zealand.

Mr Mark Gittos offers high quality, natural-looking cosmetic surgery results and is highly experienced in BreastBody and Face Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries in the last 26 years. 

With world-wide expertise Mr Gittos is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men & women. 

Mr Mark Gittos is a leading Specialist Plastic Surgeon and operates a practice in London UK and Auckland New Zealand. His practice focuses on both surgical and non-surgical procedures, each designed to help restore, improve or change a physical characteristic or problem. The first step in every case is to talk through your personal requirements and explore all the options, before deciding on the most effective solution.

Naturally, before any treatment is begun, we will explain clearly the advantages and risk factors; so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision that is best for you. Visit the practice to find out more.


Do your Research

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  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions including how to choose a Surgeon for your procedure
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What to Bring to your Plastic Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • Want more information before scheduling your consultation?

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