Specialist Procedures

Mr Mark Gittos is a Specialist Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon in Harley Street, London and Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Breast Reduction by Mr Mark Gittos Services Icon Image
    Breast Surgery
    Whether undergoing breast enlargement, reduction or uplift, our surgeons take pride in ensuring a perfect outcome.
  • Nose Surgery by Mr Mark Gittos UK Services Icon Image
    Nose Surgery
    We specialise in Nose Surgeries to improve the look and function of your nose - Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and more
  • Body Lift by Mr Mark Gittos UK Services Icon Image
    Body Surgery
    Our surgeons help to boost your self-confidence and foster a positive body image through a range of treatments.
  • Face Lift by Mr Mark Gittos UK Services Icon Image
    Facial Procedures
    Many people elect to undergo facial cosmetic treatments to unlock the ‘real them’.
  • Nose Surgery by Mr Mark Gittos UK Services Icon Image
    Skin Procedures – Moles, Cysts & Skin Cancers
    We understand the importance of having clear skin; London Plastic Surgeons can restore the confidence you may have lost.
  • Hand Surgery by Mr Mark Gittos UK Services Icon Image
    Hand Surgery
    London Plastic Surgeons covers both areas of hand surgery – both acute and elective.
Dr Mark Gittos Consulting with Patient London Plastic Surgery

Why Choose Us?

Your surgery involves making important life changing decisions.

At London Plastic Surgeons we want you to have all the time and information to choose what is best for you. We respect that you may even decide that surgery is not for you and wish to think it over.

With over two decades of experience covering a wide range of surgery in both hemispheres Mr Mark Gittos has the experience and skill to give you clear advice on whether your expectations may be achieved.

Everybody wishes to feel comfortable and confident in their appearance. At London Plastic Surgeons we support that and make patient safety and well being our priority.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Gittos works with a team of consulting specialists who will guide and assist your decision on the correct surgical or non surgical procedure best for you.

London Plastic Surgeons combines the latest proven techniques with an internationally experienced team to deliver world class Plastic Surgery here in United Kingdom.

Dr Mark Gittos Consultation Image London Plastic Surgery

What Does the Consultation Cover?

  • Initial 30 minute consultation to professionally assess your query and to advise impartially as to whether surgery is worth your while.
  • Review and discuss ‘before and after’ photographs if you are considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.
  • We discuss technical aspects of your surgery as well as the significant potential anaesthetic, local cosmetic and non-cosmetic complications.
  • After your visit, our Practice Manager will review your anticipated cost of treatment, the available dates and where appropriate, book your surgery.

Your Journey in 3 Steps:

1. Surgery

  • Pre-admission checks and advice prior to surgery day.
  • On the day of surgery, you will receive a warm welcome from your Consultant Surgeon and Anaesthetist and from the Hospital Staff.
  • If you are feeling at all anxious we will administer pre-medication tablets and place anaesthetic EMLA cream on the IV insertion site.

2. After

  • After a visit from your relatives, you can relax and recover in the ward.
  • Immediately see the photos of results achieved.
  • Daily visits from your surgeon and anaesthetist
  • Receive a leaving pack with discharge letter, emergency information, and suitable painkillers.

3. Long Term

  • One of our expert outpatient nurse and/or consultant check your progress each week with a post-operative review.
  • Check -up with your surgeon after six weeks.
  • Another check-up with surgeon six months later.

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