Common Feelings and Emotions after Cosmetic Surgery

Feelings and Emotions after Cosmetic Surgery

Common Feelings and Emotions after Cosmetic Surgery – The Rollercoaster Knowing about your emotions after surgery can decrease the risk of psychological issues as well as complications of your desired procedure. What will You Feel after Cosmetic Surgery? The decision to alter your physical appearance through cosmetic surgery is extremely personal and is associated with
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Smoking before surgery

Should I Give up Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery?

The many risks of SMOKING before & after Cosmetic Surgery Is smoking dangerous for cosmetic surgery patients? Anyone planning a cosmetic surgery procedure should AVOID smoking. Smoking before surgery and during post-op recovery is damaging to your new aesthetic surgery results and your health. On the upside, there are many BENEFITS of quitting smoking well
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Dr Mark Gittos Consulting Plastic Surgeon Profile Image

Mr Mark Gittos Research & Journal Publications

Journal Publications and Plastic Surgery Research by Mr Mark Gittos et al Mr Gittos has contributed to over 15 journal articles in the areas of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Several of these key research publications by Plastic Surgeon Mr Mark Gittos (UK, UK) are described below. Publications and Surgical Research: Breast Surgery after Cancer or Mastectomy
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