What Is Breast Implant Profile and Projection?

Breast Implant Profile and Projection for Breast Augmentation

Selecting the right implant profile and projection is essential to achieve the desired breast shape and contour. Most people only think of the size of the implant when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. However, profile and projection play a crucial role too. In this article, we will dive deeper into the subject, so you can make an informed decision.

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Breast Implant Profile

Breast Implant Profile refers to the three-dimensional description of implant protrusion as well as volume that is relative to the diameter of the base. The profile refers to three dimensions of the implant while projection refers to a single dimension. In simple terms, the profile depicts how far the implant will project forward from the chest.

Breast Implant Projection

The linear measurement of the anterior-posterior dimension of an implant is referred to as the projection of the implant. This is a single, numerical description of the implant. Basically it is how far it projects from the chest wall.

Importance of Breast Implant Profile and Projection

The level of implant projection is determined by the width of the implant. Here is how it works: the smaller the base of the implant is, the further it will project off the chest. Making the right choice of implant profile is quite challenging. The implant profile is determined by base width diameter, volume, and projection.

Different Types of Breast Implant Profiles

Let’s explore the different types of breast implant profiles:

1.     Low Profile Implant

This has the widest base diameter and the smallest projection. It will look quite flat from the side but it can deliver the most natural-looking results. Cleavage is moderate and quite average. They generally work well for women who have a broad chest and a very large gap between breasts.

2.     Moderate Profile Implant

There is a very small diameter difference. Moderate profile implants offer significantly more projection than low profile implants. This is the gold standard for implant profiles as it gives the breast a fuller yet natural look. Moderate profile works wonders for women with moderate body structure and wider breasts.

3.     Moderate Plus Profile

These implants fall somewhere between moderate and high profile. The base diameter of these implants is smaller than the conventional moderate profile. This is an option for women with an average-sized ribcage and a wider breast.

4.     High Profile Implant

As the name suggests, this implant offers a high-profile projection in comparison to low/medium profile implants. They also give a more rounded shape to the breasts due to the narrow diameter of the base and make the upper pole of the breast quite full. This is suitable for women who are small and have a narrow chest.

5.     Ultra-High & Very High Profile

These two profiles have a very narrow diameter at the base and are ideal for creating a prominent, enhanced breast look. The narrower the base, the higher the projection.

You need to understand that the implant profile has no direct correlation to the projection of an implant. The projection is directly proportional to the diameter of the base. One needs to know that implant sizes also play a major role in defining profile as well as projection.

Selecting the Right Breast Implant Profile

There are multiple factors that must be taken into account when one is choosing an implant profile. Apart from preferences and body anatomy, the following are the major factors that must be considered:

·       Width of Your Chest Wall

First things first, the width of your chest wall matters. It can be very different from one woman to the other and must be taken into account while selecting the implant profile for breast augmentation. If you have a wider chest, you’ll need wider implants to create natural-looking results. If you have a narrow chest, you will need smaller-width implants. Wrong selection can lead to unsatisfactory results.

·       Positioning of Your Breast

The type of implant profile depends on the natural positioning of your breast. People with naturally wider breast can benefit from lower-profile implants as they might deliver the best results. Similarly, individuals with breasts close together can benefit from a higher profile implant. The goal is to enhance your breast while still looking as natural as possible (Unless you are into: ‘Hey, I just got my boobs done.’ look)

·       Amount of Breast Tissue

The quantity of breast tissue also plays a very important role when it comes to the selection of an implant profile. People with normal breast tissue can go for larger projections to achieve a fuller bust and a desirable cleavage. If a large amount of breast tissue is present, it can lead to an excessive projection that looks out of proportion.

·       Shape and Size of the Implant

The shape and size of the implant itself are also important factors to consider. Implants don’t have to be large/ultra-high in size. It all depends on your body anatomy. Even if you want a super prominent cleavage and a high profile, you can achieve the results with a medium profile implant, provided that your body anatomy allows it.

Advantages of Different Breast Implant Profiles

Each implant profile is designed to complement a patient’s breasts perfectly and achieve the desired aesthetic goal. Here are the advantages of different implant profiles:

Lower Implant Profiles

They are great if you want:

  • Fuller breasts side
  • Fuller upper part of the breasts
  • Softer boobs

Higher Implant Profiles

They are great if you want:

  • Perky breasts
  • Rounder breasts
  • Relatively firmer boobs
  • Enhanced breasts

Sometimes, it isn’t just about the profile. The size of the implant will determine how big/small your breasts will look after the surgery. It also plays an important role in deciding your overall breast shape and the overall look.

Selecting the Best Breast Implant Profile

Different profiles are meant for different body shapes and will produce different results. Dr Mark Gittos will assist you to make the right choice. During the consultation, you will learn how different implant profiles will look on you and what will the results look like. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing the best breast implant profile.

·       Physical Characteristics

During the consultation, your breast size will be measured in detail. This gives your surgeon the chance to customise your implant profile so that it fits your figure perfectly. For the breast implant to look natural, the surgeon will choose an implant size and profile so that it complements everything in a harmonious manner.

·       Your Ideal Body Image

One of the most important elements to consider is your breast augmentation needs. Some people want a subtle change while others want to achieve an over-the-top look. Based on your idea of ideal breasts, the surgeon will recommend the profile and implants.

·       Your Breast Augmentation Goals & Desires

Planning a breast augmentation surgery isn’t easy. Many different factors must be taken into account. A breast implant profile is one of them. If you choose the right surgeon, you will have expert guidance to help you make the right decision. Whenever you decide to book a consultation with a plastic surgery expert, it is very helpful to go with a very specific goal in mind. This will give you the perspective to share your expectations in regard to the size, shape, projection, feel, cleavage, proportions, and overall look. Finding the right profile that suits you will strike a delicate balance between the preference and what actually looks best on your body.

FAQs about Breast Implant Profile and Projection

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get regarding breast implant profile:

How can I select my breast implant profile and projection?

  • You need to understand the importance of breast implant profile as your results greatly depend on it. Generally, a low-profile implant is a great option for natural-looking results. A moderate profile implant will give natural results along with added projection and volume. As evident from the name, a higher profile implant will give you a very full appearance. It is important to discuss your ideal breast size and your vision with the surgeon during the consultation and he can help you make the best decision.

What kind of results do low-profile breast implants deliver?

  • Low profile Implants have minimal projection and a wide appearance. While they are relatively flat, they do offer more cleavage as compared to other types of profiles. They are an ideal choice for women who have a wider chest and are hoping to get a more natural result.

Can ultra-high-profile implants look natural?

  • While these implants have a very distinct look, they can appear natural based on the size of your implant, body shape, physical factors including structure, existing breast tissue, skin elasticity, and aesthetic goals.

Can low-profile implants offer good results?

  • Low-profile implants offer a very wide look and minimal projection. While they have a relatively flatter look, they can create a more defined cleavage. If you are someone with a wider chest and hoping to get a more natural end result, low-profile implants are an ideal option for you.

What is the most commonly used profile for breast augmentation?

  • The most commonly used profile for breast augmentation surgery is moderate profile. It appears more natural while enhancing the volume of the breasts.

What are the key differences between low-profile and high-profile implants?

  • Low-profile implants are the widest. They create more cleavage. High-profile implants create more protrusion, fuller and rounder appearance, and quite a dramatic change.

Does the choice of breast implant profile have any correlation with age?

  • There isn’t a direct correlation between age and choice of breast implant profile. However, sometimes younger people choose higher profile implants while older patients decide to go for a subtle look, as a result, they choose a moderate or low-profile options.

Further Reading and Medical References about Breast Implant Profile and Projection

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