Mr Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon in United Kingdom and New Zealand

Mr Mark Gittos Consulting

Mr Mark Gittos is a leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in London, United Kingdom. and Auckland New Zealand He is also widely recognised in the UK and Europe as a leading specialist in the field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Mr Mark Gittos is one of London’s most sought after Plastic Surgeons for natural-looking surgical outcomes and advanced techniques for breast, body and facial surgery.

He has a strong research and training background in breast reconstruction and extensive experience in cosmetic plastic surgery of the breasts.

Mr Mark Gittos is a pioneer in several methods of Plastic Surgery. Over his years in practice, he has contributed to the growth, education and expertise of other Surgeons working in the field of Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery. Mr Mark Gittos many publications and research journal articles are listed here.

Mr Mark Gittos Certificates

Mr Gittos’ Qualifications and Training

MB ChB 1985 Auckland; FRACS (Plast) 1994

Dr Gittos qualified from the Auckland University Medical School in 1984. He completed his plastic surgery training in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France and the UK.

In 1996 he became a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Saint Andrews Centre for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Essex. He helped to establish the Basildon Breast Unit and pioneer breast reconstruction and mastectomy techniques after breast cancer.

Mark obtained his Plastic Surgery registration in the UK in 1996. On return, his New Zealand re-registration was completed in 2009.

Dr Gittos spends time instructing other surgeons and assisting charities like Interplast perform surgeries in developing countries. He volunteered in 2016 for Interplast, an organisation that provides Plastic Surgery for populations that lack adequate medical and surgical care.

Mr Mark Gittos Best plastic Surgeon interplast-overseas-volunteer-surgeon-dr-mark-gittos1

Mark is married with a son and daughter. His interests include reading, motorsport, rugby, running and aviation. He has his Commercial Pilots Licence, a Helicopter Licence and has completed the London Marathon.

Mr Mark Gittos Operating

Mr Gittos’ Surgical Experience

Mr Mark Gittos has performed over 4,000 breast enlargements in his 26 years as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and has lectured on and taught breast surgery over the globe in locations including United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and Europe.

As an International Plastic Surgeon, He practices in Auckland and London where he performs numerous breast enlargement, uplift and reduction operations per year. He performs facial rejuvenation procedures such as mini and full faceliftnose reshapingupper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer, injectables and chemical peels. He also operates regularly on patients with skin cancer, hand injuries, trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some of Mr Gittos’ achievements include:

Mr Gittos’ Commitment to Patients

Mr Gittos Consultant

Mr Gittos is committed to uncompromising personal service and technical excellence in the care of his patients. He will always give you an honest opinion – if a procedure is not right for you, or if your expectations are unrealistic, he will tell you.

He invests considerable time pre-operatively to ensure his patients are well informed on the benefits and risks of surgery and the likely outcome. You will always have at least two consultations before surgery. Above all, he is a doctor first and foremost – my patients’ wellbeing and safety is my priority.

His philosophy is that it is essential to apply trusted cosmetic surgical principles to reconstructive surgery for breast, skin, hand, burns or trauma patients.

In terms of cosmetic surgery, Mr Gittos is well-versed in the latest techniques which he combines with a strong foundation provided by decades of international surgical experience.


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