Why Brow Lifts Have Grown In Popularity

Brow LiftA brow lift is effective for correcting sagging eyebrows and forehead skin. At the same time it may be used in partnership with Botulinum Toxin to help to reduce forehead lines and the vertical ‘frown lines’ that form above the nose. Brow lifts were a surprising winner in the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons audit of 2012. Their figures of procedures carried out showed that the most impressive percentage increase was in male brow lifts, which rose by 19%.

Why was this? Partly it is because patients are looking for tried-and-tested procedures that deliver a reliable, long-lasting result and which have a proven safety record. A brow lift offers both these options and enables people to opt for a long-lasting solution to facial ageing.

Another reason for the popularity of a brow lift is that it can also be a very effective stand-alone treatment; with new advanced techniques, such as the endoscopic brow lift, patients benefit from a quick and painless procedure with minimal recovery time.

Most patients who opt for a brow lift have entered their 40s and are noticing the deep set lines that become etched in the forehead by this age. Eyebrows become heavier and the skin loses its elasticity giving a ‘older’ more ‘sullen’ look to the face.

The most suitable procedure for you depends on the structure of your face, the condition of your skin, and your hairline, in order to decide where the surgeon’s incisions should be made. Talk to us today to discuss options for your own anti ageing treatment.