Cosmetic Surgery Most Popular In Greece

SURGEONIt’s a country hit with recession and major economic problems, yet it seems that this hasn’t stop people embracing boob jobs and facelifts.

The Greeks are second only to South Koreans in terms of the number of plastic surgery operations performed. InĀ 2011 there were 142,394 procedures, meaningĀ one in 79 Greeks has had procedures such as liposuction, eyelid corrections and Botox injections.

It seems that when times are tough and austerity is biting people embrace plastic surgery – maybe as a way to hold on to a job, maybe as a way to feel better about themselves.

There is also a cost issue of course. It’s estimated that the cost of plastic surgery in Greece has fallen by as much as 40% because of the failing economy. It’s also thought that when the figures for 2012 are published that Greece will top the list.