Keogh Report: More Regulation Is The Way Forward


The Keogh report, a government enquiry into cosmetic surgery, was released this week. It is an attempt to clampdown on a largely unregulated industry, where in certain areas, eg dermal fillers, there is no regulation.

The industry as a whole, generally reached an agreement amongst itself that some form of control needed to be introduced. So it’s good news that the government review has agreed and come up with a set of solutions.

In the report, Keogh and others wrote that a person having a non-surgical procedure such as a Botox injection “has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen,” and this just can’t be right.

They noted that the cosmetic interventions sector has grown by 300 percent in the last five years and that the use of procedures such as injecting substances to smooth out the skin make up 75 percent of the market. “It is our view that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen,” the report concluded.

The report also criticised discounts, special offers and promotions on treatments. It cannot be right to promote cosmetic surgery in the same way as products in a supermarket.

In a statement, Dr. Dan Poulter, a senior minister in the Department of Health, said it was time for the government to step in. “There is a significant risk of people falling into the hands of cowboy firms or individuals or individuals whose only aim is to make a quick profit.”

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