Breast Enlargement

Its purpose

Breast reduction surgery removes fat, glandular tissue and skin. You achieve the decreased breast size, improved shape and uplift that you want. Where one breast is noticeably different in size, shape or position than the other the operation will make them more even.

In addition to a more attractive shape and position, the back and neck strain that you previously experienced will go. The breast tissue that is removed is sent off for examination. Your risk of Breast Cancer is lowered as you now have less breast tissue with the potential for cancerous change.

What happens

Your operation would be performed while you’re under general anaesthetic and takes between two to three hours to complete. Excess breast tissue is gently removed and the breast-nipple complex is reshaped and elevated to meet your pre-operative requirements. We provide a supportive Bra to wear from the end of the procedure. You will usually stay in hospital overnight once the procedure is completed.


Naturally there will be a little bruising and swelling for few days after surgery. Often to our patients' surprise, discomfort after a Breast Reduction is uncommon but we still prescribe painkillers to optimise your comfort. Dissolving stitches are used under the skin-these don't leave markings and do not have to be removed.

We will arrange weekly appointments with our specialist nursing team after the procedure to ensure everything is healing well and to monitor your progress. You will see your consultant six to eight weeks later. It’s important to relax when you get home and avoid stretching, pulling, heavy lifting or hard exercise for at least six weeks.